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Ad Maiora has the goal to develop effective and safe surgical techniques for veterinary patients and to create tools that facilitate the surgeon’s task.

Thanks to the intellectual contribution and direct experience of the surgeons who collaborate in this development, Ad Maiora considers itself a constantly evolving reality, in an attempt to give effective answers to the problems encountered in the surgical practice.

An Ad Maiora tool is therefore the concrete realization of the ideas and the passion that animate the veterinary surgeons.

The ability to jointly use the many information needed to develop a surgical implant is critical to the success of the project.

The inputs and needs of medical origin must be merged into a process that includes their engineering-type analysis, which in turn leads to industrial production. Throughout the journey a close interaction is required between all the competences involved, so that each one can contribute to the overall process.

This requires contributions of a medical, surgical, engineering, material technology, processing technology, up to the prototype that then must be tested for its clinical efficacy. It is for this reason that all the figures that contribute to the process must be harmonized to achieve the goal, and that is why the products we have developed make us so proud.



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